Case Study #4 - Lauren and John

Lauren graduated with an MBA five years ago. She has moved up within her company steadily and expects to move into a vice president role in the next 3 years. She wants to make sure she is maximizing the benefits offered by her job and that she is staying on track for retirement. Lauren has two kids and she and her husband would like to be able to pay for their college education.

Lauren was referred to TriCord Advisors, Inc. from an existing client who is a mentor to Lauren through a women executive networking group. In putting together a financial plan for Lauren, we spent time understanding the benefits offered by her company. We helped her set up a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with her employer so she could use pre-tax funds to pay for after school care for her younger child. We also advised her to use her available income to contribute more to her company’s Roth 401(k) option because once she is promoted to vice president her household income will prevent her from being able to contribute to the Roth 401(k).

Lauren’s comprehensive financial plan gave her confidence that she and her husband were saving an appropriate amount for retirement and that they would be able to provide for their children’s college education. Lauren meets with the TriCord Advisors, Inc. team each quarter to confirm she is staying on track with their financial goals.

Please Note: The above client situation is hypothetical-not involving actual TriCord Advisors, Inc. None of the client situations should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he or she will experience the same or a certain level of results or satisfaction if TriCord Advisors, Inc. is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide financial planning or investment advisory services.