As part of providing the best resources and options to our clients, we have partnered with AssetMark and Savos to provide strategic asset management.  Once we determine a client’s Required Rate of Return to achieve that client’s investment goals without taking on unnecessary risk, we build a personal portfolio to manage their investments.  Where appropriate, we partner with AssetMark and Savos to, among other things, build personal portfolios of individual stocks custom designed to achieve our specific Required Rate of Return requirements for each clients.  We continue to be impressed by the capabilities and outcomes achieved by AssetMark and Savos, and where appropriate we make these capabilities available to our clients to achieve our client’s investment goals.


For more than 20 years, AssetMark has provided independent advisors and their clients with unique investment and wealth management solutions. AssetMark provides a range of investment solutions that work toward specific objectives, whether it’s saving for retirement, funding an education or planning for your legacy.


Savos Investments™ crafts innovative, outcome-oriented investment portfolios. Savos partners exclusively with financial advisors on the AssetMark platform to provide client-centric investments and communications to their clients.

Their deep research expertise and understanding of capital markets allow Savos Investments to implement solutions aimed at reducing risk and maximizing return across different macroeconomic periods. They specialize in finding potential sources of return in all market conditions and they also offer customized strategies to fit the needs of the most discerning clients.