Fiduciary Relationship

At TriCord Advisors, Inc., we take on a fiduciary relationship with our clients to provide strategic planning and engaged investment management. This close fiduciary relationship enables us to assist our clients in making smart decisions with their money without selling products or having any interest not aligned with our clients. Our primary role is to help give you confidence in your finances, to enable you to make life decisions to build a life you love. This is Planning With Purpose.


We are a Fee-Only advisor. Our compensation is from the fees we charge our clients for providing advice and asset management. We do not receive commissions from third parties for recommending certain products or transactions. Other advisors and brokers often receive commissions or payments in connection with selling or recommending specific products, investments, or transactions. We structure our compensation to be Fee-Only so we are fully aligned with our client’s interests. Our clients can be confident that our advice, recommendations, and management are provided with their best interest in mind to fit their unique situation.


One key aspect of our planning philosophy and process is to determine a client’s Required Rate of Return. This is the amount of return a client needs to generate from their investments to be confident they can achieve their financial goals. We use each client’s unique Required Rate of Return to build an investment strategy or personalized portfolio that is structured to achieve that client’s investment goals without taking on unnecessary risk. As a result of utilizing a Required Rate of Return, our clients are able to be confident they are taking on appropriate investment risk to achieve their investment goals. Planning by the numbers provides a strategic process to provide the confidence our client’s need.

Our investment planning services are based on foundational principles: Relying on market timing for returns doesn’t work, so we take a long-term approach and are strategic about when equity market exposure is appropriate. Creating and preserving wealth needs diversification, so we build a well thought out and diversified portfolio for each client. Planning and investing are about more than just making maximum return, so we manage risk to enable our clients to achieve their financial goals without unnecessary exposure to market downturns.

Our advisors follow the process set out by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards illustrated by the below graphic: